10 Fresh Ideas for Your Christmas Services

The holiday season can be so busy it’s difficult to get anything done, including coming up with a fresh Christmas Service for the year! Getting a head start in September can ease the anxiety. So don’t worry, Phil & Steve at StreamingChurch.tv has your ministry covered!

Check out the 10 Fresh Ideas for Your Chistmas Service below:

  1. Assemble a team of creative people. Don’t put this on one person, organize a team of like-minded people to make this happen and meet with them regularly.
  2. Be Outward focused Christmas can be an on-ramp to church. People show up to church at Christmas: The usual 18% average weekly church attendance balloons to 47%. This is an opportunity.
  3. Start early One Christmas planning effort started back in May (OK, that’s for a city-wide event that requires a lot more coordination, but still). It’s never too early to start.
  4. Use Effective channels Some of the popular ways to spread the word include invite cards, postcards, Facebook and—of course—word of mouth. Combine channels for the most impact: Ask your congregation to hand deliver postcards instead of doing a mass mailing.
  5. Discover what works on social media Anything that creates engagement. One church posted memorable/funny movie clips and had loads of comments. Try asking for favorite Christmas songs and curate a playlist. People love Christmas music—post quick, casual video of your band/choir doing Christmas songs.
  6. Share Advent Devotional thoughts post these on your website and social media and hand-outs.
  7. Set up a photo booth People love to get family pictures taken during the Holidays
  8. Empower your people Create graphics that your staff and congregation can share on social media. Make it easy for them to spread the word.
  9. Promote a Good Cause with Xmas use this time of the year to help out a local charity
  10. Have fun Yes, Christmas is a serious, somber holiday. Silent Night and all that. But it’s OK to be a little goofy.

Listen to the full podcast with details on these 10 ideas on iTunes or hit play below.

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