10 Signs You’re The Boss But Not The Leader

It’s possible that the church may be growing and the ministry may be having a huge impact in many people’s lives, but something is still not right. The team is not healthy. And many times the team is not healthy because the leader is not healthy.

The pastor was positioned at the top of the organizational structure, and everyone would acknowledge that the pastor was “in charge.” But it takes more than positional authority to effectively lead others and create a healthy team environment.
What are the symptoms that your “leadership” is creating a toxic culture?

Here are 10 signs you may be the boss but not a leader…

  1. You have to make every decision.
  2. You know people fear you… and you’re okay with that.
  3. You have an agenda for today, but you lack a vision for the future.
  4. You “lead” a team, but your life is isolated from other people.
  5. You think once you get the title you’ll have influence.
  6. You believe the volume of your words is louder than the impact of your behaviors.
  7. You blame others for mistakes and take credit for the wins.
  8. You don’t ask “your subordinates” or peers for input or advice.
  9. You are focused solely on the mission and not the people who are on the mission with you.
  10. You are the boss, but no one is following you.

We should accomplish a great mission, but our focus really needs to be on the people who are on that same mission with us. When those relationships are healthy, our influence increases.

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