12 Church Outreach Ideas for Father’s Day

Let’s be honest… while most Mother’s Day services praise moms for the dedication and sacrifice they have for their children (and deservedly so), many Father’s Day services challenge dads to “man up” and be better spiritual leaders and spend more time with their kids. That can sound a lot like criticism unless it’s preceded with honor and appreciation. Here are 12 ideas to help reach fathers.

1. Father’s Day Tribute Service. Dedicate a Sunday service to honor and appreciate fathers, including special prayers, songs, and testimonies.

2. Father’s Day Breakfast. Organize a special breakfast for fathers and their families, where they can enjoy a meal together and have some quality time.

3. Father’s Day BBQ. Host a BBQ event either the Saturday before or lunch after the Sunday service where fathers can relax, enjoy good food, and connect with other dads in the community.

4. Father’s Day Picnic. Organize a picnic in a local park where families can bring their own food and enjoy outdoor activities. Include sports like corn hole, softball, kickball or volleyball.

5. Father-Child Craft Workshop. Arrange a craft workshop where fathers and their children can create something together, such as woodworking or blacksmithing.

As an added bonus, fathers and children can bring home from the workshop the item(s) they created, which can serve as a memento of  the event and their love for each other for years to come.

6. Outdoor Movie Night: Set up an outdoor movie screening area and show a family-friendly film that celebrates fatherhood.

7. Father’s Day Car Show. Invite car enthusiasts to display their vehicles at the church parking lot, and fathers can bond over their shared interest in automobiles. Plan the car show for Sunday morning & afternoon so dads can check out the cars before and after the service.

8. Father’s Day Fishing Tournament. Organize a fishing tournament the day before Father’s Day. Give away prizes for the biggest fish of different types or categories. Finish the day with a dinner (fish fry?). Invite all the men to come back the next for the church gathering.

9. Support Fathers in Need. Are there fathers in your church or community that because of age or disability could use a hand with chores around the house? Are there fathers living alone – perhaps in an assisted living facility – who you could spend time with?

Remember – men tend to find it especially difficult to ask for or accept help or just to spend time with other people. You might have to persist after they initially say, “no.” Also, it’s good to look for ways they can contribute, even if it’s just asking for their input or advice on things while you’re there.

10. Father’s Day Panel Discussion. Arrange a panel discussion or workshop where fathers can submit questions and experienced fathers can share their wisdom and advice on fatherhood.

11. Give Away Manly Prizes. During your Sunday services, give away manly prizes like a gift card to a BBQ restaurant, a gift card to a hardware store, fishing gear, or go big and raffle off a sports car! Prizes could be for newest dad, oldest dad, dad with the most kids, or totally random.

12. Launch New Groups for Dads. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to announce new ministries for fathers like an outdoor adventure ministry, a men’s bible study, or a class for parents of teens.

This article is from our friend Paul Steinbrueck. Paul is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.

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