5 Reasons Email is Killing The Church

Working on staff in a church is hard work. There are always more needs for staff and volunteers to meet than time or resources to deliver. It’s very easy, and usually smart, to find ways to consolidate time and effort. That is how churches often fall into the trap of using email as a go to or only communication resource. The trap of email is killing the church relationally.

I volunteered on multiple teams prior to becoming a pastor on staff at a church. In my volunteer roles I experienced great relational communications as well as the non-relational email only style. There is a dramatic difference. While great for details, email as a primary only communication tool falls short in the relational work of the church.

Don’t hear me say that email is not important when used correctly. Your email list after stage announcements is the most powerful communication tool you have at your disposal. If everything communications becomes email however, it is easy to “Ignore All” for the intended audience.

  1. Spam Filters and other email blocking tools – I encourage companies to verify receipt via text to any important email.
  2. Statistics Show People Prefer Newer Tools – Of all the various different forms of digital communication, the three that are most popular are generally considered to be, in no particular order: texts, social media, and video chat – How Pastors increased the church member response rate by 700%!
  3. Open Rate – Text 98% Email 21.33%
  4. Response Rate – The widely accepted average across all cold emails is approximately 1% to 5%. Text message response rate is 45%.
  5. The Church is built on Relationships or at least it should be
    • Email is the Opposite of Relational –
    • It is considered more professional but is the least relational digital communication tool.
    • Relational communication is best live, then video meet, then phone call, then text or social and last of all email.
    • Email like meetings are for information.
    • Email is easy but it’s lazy if you understand how relationships work. Try email only with your spouse or family for a week and see how it works out for your relationship. Note: Only being facetious here, don’t do this!

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