7 Big Benefits to Blogging

Guest blog by Paul Steinbrueck from OurChurch.Com

Blogging has been around for about 2 decades now. Because it’s no longer the “shiny new thing,” there is a tendency among some people to dismiss it as “old school” or no longer effective today.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

1) Helps Others

The main reason people blog is because they want to help others. As a church leader, the insight you have gained through your experience and time with the Lord, is valuable in helping to disciple others – both those who are a part of your church and those who might find your blog online.

2) Builds Credibility

Sharing information, insight, and inspiration though a blog helps to establish your authority and credibility. Every church and faith-based organization claims to know “The Way” and wants people to join them. And there are millions of non-religious people out there giving advice about how to live life. By sharing your insight through a blog, people can read your perspective and see for themselves you are credible and worth listening to.

3) Shapes Culture

The topics you choose to blog on, the issues you address, and the tone you use, can all contribute to the culture of your church. Do you address controversial issues or avoid them? Do you address real-world concerns or focus on abstract theology? Are you argumentative or gentle with those who see things differently from you?

4) Fosters Engagement

If you allow commenting on blog posts, they can be a great opportunity to build relationships and facilitate discussion among the people in your church.

5) Amplifies Social

There seems to be a lot more focus and excitement around church social media than blogging these days, but the question shouldn’t be which is better or more important. Blogging and social media amplify and compliment each other. Blog posts make great social media content. And in turn, when you and others share blog posts on social media, which helps to build your blog audience.

6) Tells Stories

A blog is a great platform for sharing the stories of what God is doing in your church. Some of the best stories include, individual stories of people coming to Christ, stories of answered prayers, stories of the people of your church helping one another, stories of the people of your church serving your community. This world needs to see that “Christian” isn’t just a label or a club you belong to, but it is a transformative relationship with the Living God.

7) Improves Search Rankings

Search engines love fresh content. Additionally, people tend to share and link to insight, inspiration, and stories far more than general info you might put on your web pages. These shares and links help to improve your search rankings.

Bonus: COVID-19 Opportunity. We are now more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. Blogging provides an opportunity for you to keep you congregation informed about your response. It can also be another “touch point” during the week to connect, encourage, inspire and point people to Jesus.

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