7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Keep Streaming

Two years ago at about this time live streaming video for churches became a must! Church doors were forced to close as COVID-19 precautions shut down in-person church gatherings across the US and around the globe. Churches did whatever they could to stream their services using all sorts of platforms.

Now that the effects Covid 19 seems to be lessening, there is a temptation to get away from streaming video or at least de-emphasize it. Why should we continue with this technology?

1. COVID-19 Effects are Not Over

Coronavirus has affected the culture of the world in a way that has long-reaching ramifications, and has affected us all differently. Even after coronavirus is contained, those who are most at-risk (such as seniors) will continue to rely on the availability of options like live streaming to engage with their church and communities remotely.

2. Online Streaming is the Best Way to Reach New People

75% of church visitors report checking out a church online to get a feel for the culture and experience before attending physically. Some call this the “front door” attendee. The goal for these viewers can be to connect them to a physical campus, encourage them to continue to engage in online community, or both. Live streaming is a simple way to reach a large audience with minimal cost and multiply ministry resources for the greatest impact.

3. Streaming Video Leads to Growth

According to a recent Barna study, before Coronavirus hit the USA, 8-13% of churches reported growing. Now, 49% of churches are reporting growth. That means, churches now have more online attendance than they did in person + online just a few weeks ago. Building a digital strategy is now a key part of growth, and is here to stay.

4. There are No Geographic Barriers

When churches begin streaming, many are surprised to find that they have a new global reach! Along with the possibility of first-time guests, streaming is a great way for missionaries, military members, and other expatriates to continue to be involved in their local community. Geographic analytic tools are a great way to visually display this global audience.

5. Online Streaming Increases Giving

Churches that offer online giving in addition to live streaming see an average annual giving growth of 32%. Look for ways that you can maximize this by encouraging online giving in your service and enabling easy ways to respond by giving.

6. Streaming Allows a Continued Connection

On average, people attend church once a month. For many, they would like to attend more often but are unable to due to work, school, children’s sports commitments, or other obligations. Streaming video gives people an opportunity to stay connected to their church family even when they cannot be there in person.

7. Online is Key to How Young People Interact Today

We know that people aren’t physical or digital—they’re just people. They don’t see themselves in two camps. Digital lines can engage young people quicker and differently. Streaming video provides the opportunity to reach exponentially younger people. It gives them different ways to engage and can help them see church as relevant and not outdated.

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