7 Ways to Be a Better Pastor Online in 2021

The New Year means a fresh start and lots of potential for ministry. While COVID-19 vaccines are making their way around the world, it will still take time for this pandemic to be under control. Streaming video will be just as important as ever in 2021 and beyond because of how this virus has changed our culture.

It’s more important than ever to have an online presence and that means having a different mindset when it comes to pastoring. Here are eight ways for pastors to improve in 2021:

1. Assemble Your Online Team

One person cannot do it all. There are people in the church who will help if they are asked. You never know who in your congregation has a passion for technology, live streaming, social media, etc. Put the call out and people will respond. An online team can help your church connect and reach new people in 2021.

2. Connect and Provide Next Steps (DM, links, text) During Live Streaming

This is very important for your live streaming. Interactivity is the key to keep people involved and growing spiritually. Even how you present your Sunday messages will need to be modified to get people involved who are watching online. Make sure you have a chat feature enable in your live streaming platform.

3. Get Personal Online

This takes the previous point to a deeper level. You can address people not only with the chat feature on your live stream platform — Offer prayer forms, connection card info, Zoom calls, phone calls, cards in the mail, etc. It will take some effort for you and your Online Team, but it will be well worth it. Reaching out to people does not guarantee instant results, but people will remember you made the effort and many will respond later. Do not grow weary of reaching out to people.

4. Be Available to Meet Digitally

Before the pandemic, you probably met with people to help them with personal issues or discuss their involvement with the church. That does not have to change; you can still meet using Skype, Google meet, Zoom or other video programs. And there is always the good ol’ fashion phone! Keep reaching out and making yourself available throughout the week.

5. Make Your Archives Easily Available on Website & Social Media

Once you have streamed a service, it’s important to make them available for those who missed the live broadcast. Your streaming provider should provide an on-demand media vault you can showcase on your church website. Keep it up to date. You can also use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Jesus and his apostles always went to where the people gathered. Today, like it or not, they are gathering online on various social media sites. You should be there too.

6. Small Online Groups

Since it’s a new year, most people are inspired to start some positive habits. Take advantage of this opportunity by launching new online small groups in January. Using the video software tools mentioned above will help people connect with their friends and spiritual leaders. Emphasize the important of meeting, even if it is online. Having smaller groups are crucial for people to feel apart of your church since humans often feel naturally shy in large groups.

7. Special All Church Events Online

“Online fatigue” can occur if all you do is the same old stuff all the time. Create some special online classes or events on a monthly basis. Ask your leadership team: What are the needs of your congregation? Find out if you don’t know and develop some material that will speak to their needs. Record it and make it available for others to see through the year. Your messages could be heard by people all over the world, bringing hope to those who desperately need it.

We all understand this can be a challenging time for churches but the opportunities are there. Make sure you find and take advantage of these times to help people. People are hurting. You and your team can bring hope.

One more thing, don’t try to do all of this alone, there are others who can help, trust them as God will use it for their growth as well. As always, the team at StreamingChurch.tv is ready to help you. Reach out to us at StreamingChurch.tv today.

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