8 Relational Tips to Fill the Void in Church

This week on the Church Solutions Podcast we spoke with Michael Gray, former connections pastor from Alive Church in Tucson, AZ about and the biggest relational opportunity for the church in modern times. Michael says the church needs to relearn how to be relational. Many churches are missing as many as 30% of their people coming back, even though many restrictions have been lifted for meeting. There is a large relational void in many churches today.

But in light of COVID-19, Michael says you can still connect with your people relationally in many ways. The opportunity is there if we get creative. Listen to the Church Solutions Podcast here and follow along with the notes below.

How to be relational and social distance at the same time:

  1. Masks or no masks – Discover each person’s level of comfort during these times
  2. Social Distancing – You can still meet in person, meet outdoors in a park or outdoor space
  3. Diverse Communication – Everyone is different, find out the communication tool that each person prefers
  4. Zoom or other online meeting tools are good supplements
  5. Personal Phone Calls – Even just a voicemail can bring encouragement to someone’s life
  6. Personal Text Messages – More and more people prefer texting
  7. Personal Emails – Make it personal, like the good old days of letters
  8. Snail Mail – People still get mail and a personal card adds much value

When communicating, always choose the relational option, not the easy option. It might take more time but it’s worth it in the long run. This is the biggest relational opportunity for the church in modern times, take advantage of this time and help connect with the people in your church.

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