After Easter – Now What?

It’s over! The Easter Sunday has come and gone, leaving a warm glow of hope and renewal in its wake. Many churches across the globe witnessed a surge in attendance, a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and community. But with the decorations taken down and the special programs concluded, a question lingers: Now what?

Here are six ways churches can capitalize on the Easter spirit and keep the momentum going throughout the year:

1. Nurture New Connections: Easter often attracts visitors who may not be regular attendees. This is a prime opportunity to extend a warm welcome and make them feel like part of the church family. A simple follow-up email or phone call introducing them to upcoming events or small groups can make a big difference.

2. Deepen Existing Relationships: Easter reminds us of the importance of community. Consider hosting social gatherings, potlucks, or game nights to create a space for existing members to connect and build stronger bonds.

3. Reflect and Refine: Take time to debrief with volunteers and staff. What elements of the Easter service resonated with attendees? What could be improved? Openly discussing feedback allows for continuous improvement and ensures future services are impactful.

4. Keep the Flame Alive: The message of Easter – hope, renewal, and transformation – extends far beyond a single day. Designate a sermon series or small group studies that delve deeper into these themes, allowing congregations to carry the spirit of Easter into their daily lives.

5. Share the Stories: The power of personal testimonies is undeniable. Encourage members to share their Easter experiences on social media or within the church community. Use video on social media to inspire others and showcase the positive impact of faith.

6. Embrace the Ongoing Mission: Easter is a significant event, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Remember, the core mission of your church continues year-round. Look for ways to serve your community, offer educational programs, or participate in outreach initiatives.

By following these tips, churches can ensure that the spirit of Easter doesn’t fade with the decorations. Let’s use the momentum of this special season to build a stronger, more vibrant faith community that thrives throughout the year.

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