Beat the Summer Church Slump! Here”s How To Still Reach People

It may be summer but you can still keep people connected to your church and even grow!
Streaming Video can help accomplish this. This technology allows your church to extend its worship and education ministries beyond the walls of the church.

Local Unchurched: Those who may not enter the church building now have a safe, anonymous way of watching. This can be a great way for people to try your church without experiencing the initial fear of entering the building.

Church members: This allows your college students, former members who have moved away, and military to be a part of your congregation and receive continued discipleship and encouragement. You will also be surprised at how many viewers will watch from other countries who have ties to your church.

Local Homebound: Those who are not physically able to make it to the church building can now be a part of the experience.

Your church can grow with streaming video.

According to “State of the Online Church,” led by Saddleback Church’s Online Campus Pastor Jay Kranda, 59 percent of churches have seen physical growth since launching an online ministry.
75 percent of digital church leaders reported that people attended online services first then showed up in person.

Overall, 58 percent said they agree that online ministry is helpful to their church.
38 percent saw an increase in giving since launching their online ministry.

The trend, according to Kranda, is moving away from an individualistic experience and moving toward a more community-based online church experience.

Online ministry is about people pastoring people. Consider streaming video today. It does not take much to get started.

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