Don’t Waste Your Spike: Easter Follow-Up Plan

Easter is almost here! I probably don’t need to remind you that new folks and people you haven’t seen in a while will be coming to in-person events and watching your live streams.

You and your team will no doubt put a lot of time and energy into making this a great Easter event, but don’t forget you need a clear follow-up strategy to retain guests after Easter. Don’t let all your hard work be in vain!

Here are five effective ways to follow up with your Easter guests:

1. Send a Handwritten Card

The average return rate for first-time guests is around 6-7% — but for those that receive something in the mail that looks and feel personal, that rate has gone up as high as 25%! Including a gift card to a coffee shop or another local business is a nice bonus. For online viewers, a personal electronic card is a great option.

2. Setup Automated Emails

If you don’t have the time or resources to write personal cards, you could automate the process using emails. With a account, you can easily setup follow-up emails with different content for a first-timer, second-timer, third-timer, and non-returning visitors. The non-returner message can be particularly helpful for post-Easter lulls.

3. Make a Quick Call

This presupposes you have a connection card for visitors to fill out. Within 24 hours, give guests a quick call. Make it a simple check-in with no pressure or agenda. Thank them for coming and ask if they have any questions. Ask how you can pray for their family. Invite them to come back. Even if you’re sent to voicemail, leaving a message tells your visitors you care.

4. Send a Text Message

Did you know 98% of text messages are read by the receiver? If you want to get a short message to guests, you can’t beat that percentage!

5. Start an Exciting New Series

Start a new, relevant, teaching series for parents the week following Easter. Begin a new, fun, kids’ series the next week. When planning the series, think about the needs of today’s kids and families. Make sure you promote before, during, and after Easter using email, church announcements, and social media.

The truth is, if a guest has a bad first experience, they are probably not going to come back – no matter how much you follow up with them.

  • The In-Person Experience. Support your follow-up strategy by first focusing on the experience you provide families. This includes things like great parking, friendly and helpful greeters, quick check-in, solid safety and security and a relevant, engaging service.
  • The Online Experience. Make sure your streaming team and equipment are ready to go, run some tests and make sure audio as well as video is dialed in. If you have live chat with your video platform, (which we highly recommend), make sure your hosts are ready to greet people online and interact with them in meaningful and creative ways. has been serving churches for 20 years. If you need any help with technology as well as other resources for ministry, reach out to us [email protected] or live chat on the bottom right of our website.

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