Easter is Coming – Grow Your Church Congregation!

Easter is April 21 and if you love your church, you should take advantage of this great opportunity. Chances are far more people will attend your church service Easter weekend than normal. And chances are a good number of them normally don’t go to church. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach unchurched people with the most powerful story ever told!

But many churches will be more effective at reaching and retaining unchurched people because they’ve figured out what one of the greatest challenges with major Christian holidays is.

Connecting with the Unchurched.


Growing churches make their services available to where people are.
And where are people today in 2019?

Answer: Online

Here’s how successful churches are doing it – Streaming Video!

When people are considering going to a church for the first time, they will look at your website and hopefully find video, live and recorded. When it comes to watching videos, people prefer to watch live videos versus an archived video. For instance, Facebook shared that people watch Facebook Live videos three times longer than archived videos.

For many people, they want to experience the moment and share the experience live, which makes them feel like they are a part of your service. Recorded video also has value and if you can have both you are much better off when it comes to connecting with people.

Now’s Your Chance

At StreamingChurch.tv, we want your church to be successful. This is much more than a business, it’s our mission to help churches use technology, and streaming video is a technology you can start using today!

Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to reach people this Easter!

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