Live Streaming in a COVID-19 Church Closure World

Social distancing and stay at home orders are not stopping pastors from reaching millions of households at one time, and there’s a boom in church leaders taking their ministries to the world wide web.

If churches aren’t live streaming, they’re strongly making the effort, and if they’re already doing it, then they’re ahead of the game. However it can be a challenge if you are new, don’t have the equipment, or something goes wrong in the heat of the moment.

But there is a great alternative to live streaming; it’s simulated live! offers churches and ministries the ability to take a prerecorded video file and upload it using their admin control panel, schedule it at a specific time and it will stream without anyone having to turn on a live encoder. In fact, you don’t even have to be near a computer once you have scheduled the simulated live unless you want to be a part of the interactive video/chat platform to welcome viewers and chat.

With live streaming, things can go wrong while your congregation is watching, especially if you are new at it or you don’t have help due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some of the potential problems for actual living streaming can be:

  • Transmission upload bandwidth – Competition from the neighbors
  • Software Crash
  • Computer Crash
  • Power outage
  • Human Error – Someone forgot to push the stream button
  • Camera issues
  • Audio issues
  • Video switcher failure
  • Capture Card Failure
  • Bad cables
  • Encoder Failure
  • Firewall problems
  • Router issues
  • Lighting Problems on the stage
  • And more…’s Simulated Live bypasses all those problems.

If you have questions about Simulated Live, reach out to today or watch the step-by-step help video below:


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