New Feature! Stream Directly to Social Media

It’s no secret Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are immensely popular platforms in the world of social media. Broadcasting church services on social media allows your ministry to find new investigators and drive engagement.

With StreamingChurch.TV you’ve always been able to stream to these other platforms as you stream to your own website, but there are some caveats:

  1. You need a live encoder that enables you to send streams to multiple destinations
  2. You need enough CPU on your computer to handle the multiple streams
  3. You need plenty of bandwidth at your facility to accomplish all this.

Good News: StreamingChurch.TV is giving you another option!

From the StreamingChurch.TV admin control panel, you will be able to configure your live stream, not only to your website, but also to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. You will no longer need a live encoder that has the option of multiple destinations, a computer that has a powerful CPU, or even a large amount of upload speed at your facility.

Take advantage of this new feature today *additional fee required! Easily broadcast your church services over multiple platforms to reach more audiences! With 8 million video views a day on Facebook and 1 billion hours watched per day on YouTube, these platforms shouldn’t be ignored.

Questions? – We are happy to help! Chat with us live during business hours at or call 866.852.6648 or email, [email protected].

*Available for Premium Unlimited accounts with an additional $30/month fee

Are You Using Facebook Effectively for your Church?

Church Solutions Podcast

Phil and Steve speak with Terrell Sanders, from Terrell is church social media expert about how churches should be using Facebook more effectively.
Facebook as a ministry tool

  • 68% of Americans are on Facebook.
  • Worldwide there are 1.5 billion people who check Facebook DAILY.

Learn how to successfully spread your message through Facebook.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes or our podcast library’s simple media player.

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