Sit Back, Relax, & Enjoy the Show Doesn’t Cut it

“Sit back, relax and enjoy the show,” goes the old movie trailer maxim. But when it comes to streaming your church services and events, sitting back can lead to disinterest, distraction, and a desire for something more immersive from your viewers. That’s why having a video/chat platform with interactive features is so important if you are going to stream your church services — but what do you need?

There are several features on a video/chat platform you should have that can make the viewer experience more personal and help them connect to your church and each other.

  • A Video/Chat Platform that promotes real-time discussion and community among attenders in public chat.
  • Includes direct message attenders to give deeper counsel, answer specific questions, or talk privately.
  • Has moderation controls like mute and delete.
  • Webhost identifier for your staff and volunteers in chat.
  • Map that allows attenders to see approximate location of each other.
  • Easy access to a Bible app so viewers can follow along with scripture.
  • A place to view the sermon notes
  • Private chat with each other and webhost
  • Prayer request feature
  • A place for a custom digital connection card on the platform
  • A place to put your “donate online code”
  • The ability to customize the video/chat platform to make it fit seamlessly with your website design
  • Detailed analytics for each service
  • Easily embed code for your website
  • Automatic follow up tools – Having this feature allows fast follow up that you can customize. Studies have shown the quicker you follow up with people, the better chance of having retention.
  • Links to video archives – This gives viewers easy access to past services they can look at any time day or night.

With an interactive video/chat platform instead of just plain old video, you can help attenders connect with your ministry in unlimited ways.

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