Streaming Video: A New Way to Reach Spiritual Explorers

Barna Research shows 32% of adults are “Explorers”—aware of spiritual unrest but unsure Christianity is the answer. These feel a void in life but do not know biblical solutions could provide the hope, purpose and relationships they want. Here are some ideas for streaming content that churches could create to meet the needs of spiritual explorers:

Stream Prerecorded Videos: Videos are another great way to reach people online. Churches could create videos that feature sermons, interviews with experts, or testimonials from people who have found hope and purpose in Christ. You can stream them from your live encoder or use Simulated Live if your streaming provider offers that.

Live Streaming with Specific Topics: Live streams are a great way to connect with people in real time. Churches could do more than just live stream their worship services. You could stream Bible studies, or other events during the week.

Q&A sessions: Q&A sessions are a great way to answer people’s questions about faith and spirituality. Churches could host Q&A sessions on their website or social media pages, using streaming video.

Online Small Groups: Reach people who are unable to attend in-person small groups. This includes people who live far away from the church, people who have disabilities, or people who have busy schedules.

Stream Live or Prerecorded Interviews:  These would be with church members who found purpose and calling by anchoring their identity in Christian faith and worldviews.

When creating streaming content for spiritual explorers, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

Keep it simple: Spiritual explorers are often overwhelmed by complex theological concepts. Keep your content simple and easy to understand.

Be authentic: People can spot a fake a mile away. Be genuine and authentic in your content.

Focus on hope: Spiritual explorers are often searching for hope. Focus your content on the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

Be inviting: Make it easy for people to get involved with your church. Invite them to connect with you online or to attend a worship service in person. Social media can be a great tool to use as well.

Streaming video can and should be more than just Sunday morning because it has the potential to reach people who are unable to attend church in person. This includes people who live far away from the church, people who have disabilities, or people who have busy schedules. Streaming video can also be a great way to reach people who are not familiar with Christianity or who are exploring their faith.

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