Sunday Service Live Stream Checklist for Volunteers

 It’s time to start the stream, our service is beginning! Wait, what’s wrong, we are not streaming??? Why??? We’ve all been there at one time or another and it’s so frustrating. Below are some excellent things to check off as you prepare to do streaming video for your church. Once you get in the habit of going over these things, your life and the life of your volunteers will be happier, (as well as your viewers)!

Pre-Service Preparation

1. Arrival and Setup (1 hour before service)

  •    – Ensure all volunteers arrive on time.
  •    – Perform a quick team briefing on the day’s schedule and responsibilities.

2. Equipment Check

  •    – Turn on all necessary equipment:
  •      – Cameras
  •      – Audio Mixer
  •      – Computers/Laptops
  •      – Streaming Encoder
  •      – Projectors/Displays
  •    – Check camera connections and ensure they are properly positioned and focused.

3. Audio Setup

  •    – Test microphones (pastor, worship team, announcements).
  •    – Ensure all mics are working and levels are set appropriately.
  •    – Check the audio mixer for any feedback or issues.

4. Software and Stream Configuration

  •    – Open streaming software (e.g., OBS, vMix, or other).
  •    – Load the service scene layout (pre-configured with camera angles, overlays, etc.).
  •    – Verify internet connection and streaming bitrate settings.
  •    – Log in to streaming platform (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, church website).
  •    – Input the stream key and ensure the correct stream destination is selected.

5. Graphics and Media

  •    – Load all pre-service slides, lyrics, and videos into presentation software (e.g., ProPresenter, EasyWorship).
  •    – Verify that lower thirds and other on-screen graphics are ready.

6. Pre-Service Test

  •    – Perform a full test run:
  •      – Stream to a private/unlisted channel to check video and audio quality.
  •      – Test transitions between different scenes (e.g., worship, sermon, announcements).
  •      – Verify that slides and media play correctly.
  •    – Confirm that the live stream is accessible on all intended platforms.

During Service

1. Stream Monitoring

  •    – Continuously monitor the live stream on a separate device to ensure it’s live and has no issues.
  •    – Make adjustments to camera angles and audio levels as needed.
  •    – Keep an eye on stream health indicators (e.g., dropped frames, bitrate stability).

2. Real-Time Adjustments

  •    – Switch between camera angles smoothly to follow the flow of the service.
  •    – Display lyrics, scripture, and other relevant media at appropriate times.
  •    – Manage audio levels, ensuring clarity and balance between speakers, musicians, and videos.

3. Communication

  •    – Maintain communication with other team members (via headsets or messaging) to address any issues quickly.
  •    – Be prepared to troubleshoot any unexpected technical problems.


1. Stream Shutdown

  •    – Fade out the stream at the end of the service.
  •    – Stop the stream in the streaming software and confirm the stream has ended on the platform.
  •    – Save and back up the recording if necessary.

2. Equipment Shutdown

  •    – Turn off all cameras, audio equipment, and computers.
  •    – Properly store all microphones and other gear.

3. Review and Feedback

  •    – Conduct a brief team debrief to discuss what went well and any issues that occurred.
  •    – Take notes for improvements for the next service.

4. Cleanup

  •    – Ensure the streaming area is clean and organized.
  •    – Make sure all equipment is properly stored and secured.

Additional Notes

– Emergency Contacts: Have a list of contacts for technical support in case of major issues.

– Training: Ensure all volunteers are adequately trained on the equipment and software.

– Documentation: Keep a detailed manual for reference on all equipment and software settings.

By following this checklist, volunteers can ensure a smooth and professional live stream experience for the church service.

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