Tips for Stress Free Streaming Video

Let’s face it, when you are about to begin a church service things can be stressful in the tech area of the church, especially when it comes to streaming video. Here are 10 tips to reduce your stress level on Sunday mornings (or any day of an event involving streaming online).

  1. Test your equipment – This must be part of your regular routine, yes, I said routine! You should always give yourself plenty of time to test ALL your equipment related to streaming. Cameras, microphones, encoders, switcher, lights and more. If you start doing these things, (as well as other tips below), you will have less failures and less stress.
  2. Test your Internet connection – Again, this must be a regular deal whenever you stream, before as well as during. The Internet does fluxgate at times. Remember, your main concern is upload speed.
  3. Make sure you have an accurate order of service (and everyone else has it too) – This is important as you may have baptisms, special guest speakers, testimonies from others besides the regular order of service. This will eliminate any surprises with microphones as well as cameras work as and lighting.
  4. Communicate the expectations to your volunteers – People need to know what is required of them. Assuming is the lowest form of communication. Don’t just hope they know what is needed of them in the position. Talk with them on a regular basis and make sure you praise and encourage your people.
  5. Pray (with your staff, volunteers and even online attenders) – Many times people arrive at church in an anxious mood. Perhaps having to deal with their children as they get ready for church or a cranky spouse. We don’t know what others are going through. Pray will help calm everyone down and get them focused
  6. Make your live stream easy to find on your website and social media – When you know your live streaming is easy to find, everyone is happy. People can find you online as they visit your website or social media. It’s frustrating when someone tells you they tried to view your live stream but could not find it because it was hidden in one of the menus on the website. Make it obvious and put the link in multiple places.
  7. Have a streaming service that provides support 7 days a week – Things go wrong, it’s just part of life. Make sure you have a streaming provider who is available to help you diagnose the problem. Nothing is more stressful then realizing you are not able to stream yet confused and unable to fix the problem.
  8. Monitor your live streaming with an interactive live video/chat platform – You may THINk everything looks and sounds good but how do you know unless you view what others are looking at when you stream live? Audio on the Internet sounds different than in the actual church building. Video may need adjusted. Be sure and check your live streaming on a regular basis.
  9. Remember why you’re doing this (the mission) – Ministry is stressful, especially in the tech area with many things going on at once. If you know and remember why you are serving in this area it will help you regulate your stress level. Lives are potentially being changed because of what you do.
  10. Review your online goals and analytics – This is important and related to the tip above. You should have reasonable goals and be able to track your analytics. If you are falling short there are things you can do to help meet those goals and reach more viewers. When you know you are at least trying to accomplish your goals it helps reduce stress.

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