What If Your Church Board Says No Streaming?

Streaming video has become a popular and effective way to engage with church members, people looking for a church home, and particularly those who may not be able to attend in-person services. However, some church boards may be hesitant to invest in or continue streaming services due to various reasons. If you are looking to persuade your church board to keep streaming video for your church, here are some tips that may help.

Highlight the Benefits: Start by highlighting the benefits of streaming video for your church. You can mention that it allows members who are unable to attend in-person services to still participate and stay connected to the church community. Additionally, it can help to reach out to younger members and those who may prefer to engage with services online.

Share Data and Feedback: Collect data and feedback from members who have been using the streaming service. This can include feedback on the quality of the stream, the convenience of watching services online, and any positive experiences they have had. Data can include the number of viewers, the duration of time viewers spend watching, and the geographical distribution of viewers. Sharing this information with the board can help to demonstrate the value of the service.

Clearly Articulate the Benefits of Technology: Make sure you explain how technology can help your church achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently. For example, you could highlight how online giving through streaming video can make it easier for members to donate, or how a church management software (if your streaming provider has that feature), can help streamline administrative tasks.

Address Concerns: Acknowledge and address any concerns the board may have. Some common concerns may include the cost of equipment, the need for volunteers to run the service, or a perceived lack of engagement from members. You can address these concerns by discussing cost-effective options, highlighting the volunteers who have stepped up to run the service, and sharing any feedback on increased engagement from members who have used the service.

Talk to your Streaming Provider: Many times streaming video providers can suggest some way to help convince your church board to keep streaming. They might even be able to offer a discount for their services. There are added features with the plans many providers have. If you save the videos you record, then you need to store your videos, which can cost your church a lot of money. When you live stream your videos, you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment or pay for a ton of storage space online.

Persuading your church board to keep streaming video for your church requires a combination of highlighting the benefits, providing data and feedback, addressing concerns, and showing the value of streaming. By presenting a compelling case for the value of streaming video, you may be able to convince your church board to continue the service and help to further engage and connect with your community.

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