What If Your Church Had One Voice?

This past week we interviewed Kyle Hammond, the Kids Pastor from Alive Church, in Tucson, AZ on the Church Solutions Podcast.

Kyle talked about One Voice, a new ministry from Alive Church; you can listen or watch the 30 minute interview here, What If Your Church Had One Voice.

Below are some of the points about One Voice. One Voice Benefits Include:

Biblically Sound, Culturally Relevant Teaching

God’s plan has been revealed through scared scripture. Therefore, helping people from all cultural backgrounds learn how to read, study, and apply scriptural truth in their lives is the way that God changes lives.

Learn Together, Share Together

Create common talking points and facilitate greater intergenerational communication among your members. It’s vital to learn from each other’s insights. From there, members can go home with their families and discuss the teaching together and everyone can contribute.

Strengthen the Family Unit

Sharing a common teaching allows families to go home and discuss what they have learned together. Studies consistently show that the most influential learning takes place in the context of the home. One Voice helps facilitate this by giving parents and kids common touch points to talk about.

Create a More Unified Body

Teaching the same thing across every age group helps every generation understand how they fit into God’s plan. Bring the entire congregation along when casting vision and leading new projects.

Free up Staff & Volunteers to Focus on Relationships

Creating quality teaching materials takes time. One Voice does the heavy lifting for your team and allows you to spend more time in discipleship and investing in relationships while still delivering a challenging learning experience for every age group.

Content Created By Experts

One Voice content has been created by pastors and teachers who not only have a heart for teaching, but who also understand the importance of making the lessons appropriate for every age.

The One Voice materials are different from other curriculum because it links to the main teaching. It allows natural conversation around the dinner table at home.

You can reach out to Kyle or any of the staff of One Voice by emailing [email protected].

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