Why Live Streaming is Still Vital for Your Church (Even After Bridgetown Church’s Decision)

With congregations returning to in-person gatherings, there might be a discussion about discontinuing the live stream. Bridgetown Church, a prominent church in Portland, Oregon, recently published a video featuring their lead pastor, Tyler Staton, announcing a significant change in their approach to digital ministry. They will no longer do live streaming, but…

Here’s why that might not be the best decision for your church:

1. Reaches a Wider Community: Live streams allow people who are homebound, sick, or even geographically distant to stay connected to the church. It can be a lifeline for those who find solace and strength in worship services but face challenges attending in person.

2. Spreads the Message: Live streams open your church’s doors virtually. People curious about your faith or unable to commit to regular attendance can explore your church through the stream. This can be a gateway for them to eventually join the physical congregation.

3. Fosters Connection: Live streams can foster a sense of connection even for those watching remotely. Interactive features like chat functions can allow viewers to participate in discussions and feel a part of the service.

4. Enhances Accessibility: Live streams can be a valuable tool for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired. Closed captioning and transcripts can be provided alongside the stream, making the service inclusive for everyone.

5. Archives Sermons and Events: Live streams can be archived and uploaded to your church website or social media channels. This creates a valuable resource for people who want to revisit sermons, teachings, or special events.

Finding a Balance:

Bridgetown Church is a unique church in that they are extremely popular. It is true, live streaming offers numerous benefits, it’s important to find a balance. Perhaps consider a hybrid model where the service is live-streamed but the focus remains on the in-person experience. You can also explore pre-recorded messages or shorter live sessions alongside regular services.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to continue live streaming depends on your specific congregation’s needs and goals. But before discontinuing it entirely, consider the many ways it can serve your church and the wider community

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