Why “Next Steps”?

Most churches are all about helping people go from lost to found and becoming fully-devoted followers of Jesus. That being said, very few churches have a clear, defined, and intentional process for helping people go from where they are to where God wants them to be.  We believe that every church should be a church of “Next Steps.” Once a person has come to the end of the process, it’s time to start over and bring someone along for the journey.

Next steps, not church attendance, are the more accurate way of measuring your church mission. For instance, Loving God, loving others, and making disciples are all verbs that demand action, it is not passive. Implementing Next Steps shows how your church members are moving forward in their life with Jesus and evaluates if your church is made up of active participants or simply passive spectators.

Some Examples of Next Steps:

  1. Make a Commitment to Follow Jesus
  2. Fill out a Connection Card
  3. Commit to Daily Devotional (Bible Reading)
  4. Get Involved in a Small group
  5. Get Baptized
  6. Sign up for an Event
  7. Volunteer for Service
  8. Support the Church Financially
  9. Share a Prayer Request
  10. Take a Membership Class

Those are just 10 examples of “Next Steps” people can take; your church may have more.

Everyone should desire their church to have people who are active participants, not passive spectators. Next Steps measures church activity and involvement and leads to spiritual growth, not just people sitting in a chair on Sunday morning.
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