Why Your Church Should Record Sermons

Each week your pastor prepares and presents a sermons to your congregation. Each week you see God use those sermons to move the hearts of your congregation.

Why should churches record and put those sermons online?

In simpler times, the internet was just AOL message boards and instant messenger. But as people spend more of their lives online, the church has an incredible opportunity to meet them there.

Here are the top 5 reasons every church should host their sermons online:

1. Make your message worldwide!

Recording your online sermons and offering them to visitors in a media vault makes your spiritual messages available to anyone with internet access. Let’s rephrase that — it makes all of your sermons available to anyone at any time, in any part of the world that has internet access.

Whether it’s a family who moved away from your church last month, or a solo missionary in another part of the world. No matter where they are, visitors can watch or rewatch recorded sermons right from your church website.

2. For members who couldn’t make the service

Life is unpredictable — sometimes people are out of town or maybe just couldn’t get the kids ready for church. Luckily, someone who missed the sermon on Sunday can watch on Monday (or even a month later).

If you only live stream your service, members might miss that specific time and miss out that week. When you record your live stream, members can listen to them whenever they’re available.

3. For members to share with friends and family

If we think something is interesting, we share it. It has become a daily — and sometimes moment-by-moment — action. We share pictures on Instagram, messages on Facebook, news stories on Twitter, and anything via text message.

Your church members are the same way.

A media vault filled with your various recordings makes your sermons easy to share. When someone is touched by a message or thinks of a friend while watching, they can share it with others by sending them a link to your website where they can listen to the sermon.

4. For new and visiting members

Your website shows who you are as a church: your message, your mission, and your calling. Having your sermons on your website allows visitors to hear the way you teach.

Having recordings on your website also allows new visitors to watch past sermons and understand the context of the sermon they will encounter on their first physical visit or live stream attendance.

A media vault provides a safe environment for non-believers or new members to see what your church is like if they are intimidated by visiting in-person.

5. To create a permanent (and always accessible), archive of church’s sermons

Even if they’re still relevant today, older messages can be easily forgotten. And sometimes they are just hard to remember after a while.

Storing your sermons online keeps them within reach at anytime. A great message you remember from last year, a past Christmas Eve sermon your mom liked from 3 years ago, or just last week’s dedications. They’re all there, permanent and easily accessible for everyone.

StreamingChurch.tv offers a media vault with our Premium and Platinum accounts. Learn more about recording live streams and embedding your media vault onto your church website.

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